4 slopes Shower underlay with line grid
  • 4 slopes Shower underlay with line grid

4 slopes Shower underlay with line grid

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4 slopes drainage channel Shower underlay to be tiled, supplied with pre-assembled waterproof mat, stainless steel drainage channel and grid

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The 4 slopes of the Lineboard shower tray, combined with its eccentric channel, make it an ideal solution for laying small formats of tiles such as mosaics in Italian showers. Supplied with pre-assembled waterproof mat and ultra-flat horizontal siphon

General information

  • Density 36 kgs
  • m3
  • Compressive strength: 3 tons per m2
  • Fire behavior: Class E
  • Lightweight
  • Extra-flat (40 mm)
  • Channel finish
  • Recutable
  • Four-slope model
  • Extruded polystyrene reinforced with carbon fiber glass and waterproof polymerized mortar
  • Pre-assembled waterproof mat protruding by 10 cm on each side for peripheral reading
  • Reinforced mechanical resistance
  • Compatible with all tiles
  • Guarantees against poisoning
  • Eccentric channel grid
  • Grate size 70 cm by 7 cm
  • Adjustment of the height of the grid according to the height of the tiles
  • Evacuation of infiltrated water
  • 10-year warranty
  • Ultra-flat siphon
  • 40 mm siphon outlet
  • Flow rate 34 liters per minute


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